Company history


About Us

TN Asset Management “TNAM” is a member of the Lifestyle Holdings group, a company founded by Mr Tawanda Nyambirai an astute businessman and lawyer. TNAM is currently licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ) and is part of the Association of Investment Managers Zimbabwe (AIMZ).TNAM commenced operations as an independent Asset Manager in August 2003 and the institution has since grown to be a dominant market player ranking 2nd in the Asset Management industry in 2017 based on funds under management.

TNAM’s area of specialty is portfolio management for clients who participate in Zimbabwe’s prime financial markets which are:

  • The Money Market
  • The Property Market
  • The Stock Market
  • We aspire to be the most preferred independent asset manager that preserves and enhances the value of client’s assets.
  • We will develop new innovative products that will attract investments from the traditional forms of investment and
    will discharge our clients’ mandates professionally, honestly, efficiently and with integrity.

We will be:

  • Frank, but humble:  which means being open about our intentions and  giving informed opinions  whilst respecting the value of the contribution of others;
  • Honest, but shrewd:  which means being truthful in all our endeavors, honest and forthright with one another and with our customers, communities, suppliers and shareholders but not naive in our approach;
  • Efficient, yet still paying attention to detail:  which means delivering what we have promised but not cutting corners to do so;
  • Consistent, but dynamic:  which means being reliable and providing valid data and information but being able to see and create opportunities;
  • Innovative, without being reckless:  which means being able to understand where a change will bring greater value but within a regulatory framework and taking well calculated business risk;
  • Original, without having to re-invent the wheel:  which means finding solutions that are built on ground already well found;  and
  • Hard working, yet finding time to enjoy God’s gift of life:  which means we will deliver to or above benchmarked performance standards but will also ensure that we honour and give time and attention to other important aspects of our lives.

Company Overview


TN Financial Services founded


TNAM offshoot from TN Financial Services


TNAM commenced operations as an independent asset manager


Licensed by the Central Bank as a portfolio manager


TN Medical (Now Steward Health) offshoot from TNAM.


TNFS was fused into TNAM in 2009 (Synergistic Advantage)


TNAM was ranked in the top 3 Asset Managers of the year based on Funds Under Management.